Pacman game

maze 06/21/2022
How to play Pacman game: Use your arrow keys on your keyboard or swipe up, down, left and right on your touch screen to move your Pac-man. The goal is to eat all the dots inside the maze. Careful, the colored ghosts can kill your Pac-man.

Eat special dots and you will be able to kill the ghosts!

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About Pacman game

Pacman or Pac-Man is one of the most iconic classic video games. It has Japanese roots and was published in the 1980s. The Pac-Man games are maze chase games and have evolved into the whole class of games.

The characters of Pacman himself and his rival the Ghosts became an important symbol in modern pop culture.

Pacman game is recognized by Guinness World Record for various records. One is "The Highest Score on World's Biggest Pac-Man". On August 14, 2011, it was 5,555,552 points recorded by Stephen Kish. In 2020, this record was bitten by a Twitch streamer known as NewTxtDoc with a score of 1,111,108 over a 25-hour period.